Water Line Repair

Repairing copper water lines under the slab requires a special process called brazing, or silver soldering.  Brazing is completely different from the normal soldering you see plumbers do above slab foundations.  It’s a specialized skill that requires the technician to get the pipe glowing hot and use silver solder to bond the copper together.  Many people say that a properly silver soldered joint is as strong as a solid piece of pipe.  Brazing or silver soldering is the ONLY way our skilled Dallas water line repair technicians at Total Plumbing will repair a copper water line under a slab foundation.

Do you have cracks in your ground or around your house from all of this heat? All parts of the Dallas metroplex have experienced extreme heat and drought type conditions over the Summer months. This has caused the ground to shrink, crack and become very dry.

As a plumber, our Dallas water line repair experts pay special attention to the parkway area where your main water valve is located. This area is especially vulnerable during this time or extreme heat and dry weather.

One of the best things you can do is inspect your area around the water meter. Since the ground is so dry, the water is not appearing at the top of the soil as it normally would, which means it is incredibly hard to tell if you have any leaks, pipe breaks or cracks.

Total Plumbing offers Dallas leak location services and can repair any pipe breaks, cracks or other issues causing water to leak.

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Everyone i dealt with was great—from Courtney, who answered my calls, to Sebastian and his assistant, who found the leak, to Billy and his assistant, who repaired the leak. Billy was so thorough, that he pointed out several areas of sub-standard work by other “plumbers,” including a hot water heater incorrectly installed that had a potentially fatal carbon monoxide leak.

I was provided with detailed estimates and knew exactly what i was going to pay before any work was done, and I was kept informed at every step of the repair. When the job expanded in scope, I was given an additional estimate of the cost and again knew exactly what I was going to pay.

Sebastian and Billy were both professional, on time, and extremely knowledgeable about their work; it’s obvious they take pride in a job well done. Billy was very careful to protect the floors when bringing in equipment (there was some jackhammering and digging involved). I cannot recommend Total Plumbing highly enough, and i would not hesitate one second to recommend them, or to hire them again.

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