Dallas Sewer Camera Services

Total Plumbing, located in Dallas, provides sewer camera inspections that give our qualified technicians an amazing look at the condition of your sewer system. This technology allows us to view the inside of the pipe and detect any problems you may have. Our plumbing and pipeline inspections help Dallas homeowners detect any sewer line problems.  If a problem is detected, we can locate the exact position of the camera head to identify the exact location and depth of the problem. Once we have this valuable information — via our sewer camera inspection of your Dallas home — we can determine the proper approach to repair your specific issue.

Our sewer camera inspections are important because they help determine the precise location of a leak/water break and take the guesswork and unnecessary digging out of a situation. Call us today to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions about our sewer camera, repairs, and replacement services in Dallas.