Sewer Replacement

Sewer Line Rerouting in Dallas

If you need to reroute sewer lines in your Dallas home, you can count on Total Plumbing. Older sewer systems made up of cast iron pipe can rot from old age and being in the ground with the moisture over many years. Instead of tunneling or jackhammering multiple holes in your foundation, in some cases, we can reroute the sewer lines on your Dallas property. Rerouting your sewer lines is the process of abandoning all of the old sewer lines under your foundation and installing new PVC sewer lines in the yard around your home. This eliminates the need of ever having to go under the slab again to make a repair.

We offer sewer line inspections, repair, and installation services in Dallas. Call us today to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions about our sewer line rerouting here in Dallas.