Dual flush toilets have been around for many years, but they still aren’t commonly seen in homes or even in commercial settings. Our plumbing services in Dallas include dual flush toilet installation and repair. When we talk to customers about dual flush toilets, the question that most of our customers ask is, “How much money does a dual flush toilet save us?”. We’ll answer that question and give you some other information about dual flush toilets below.

Dual Flush Toilet Dallas


Can getting a dual flush toilet for your Dallas area home save you money? The answer to this question is a little surprising. Studies show that a dual flush system can reduce up to 67% of water consumption in comparison to a conventional toilet.

Countries, like Australia, are even requiring that all new toilets are dual flush toilets due to the amount of water they save. Even some areas of the United States have laws that require dual flush systems to be used in new construction.

These water-saving toilets help Dallas residents reduce their water waste substantially. So what does this mean in dollars? The answer really depends on how many gallons your toilet uses per flush and how many times you flush a day. The average household has about 5 flushes a day. An older toilet uses 7 gallons per flush, a newer one could be as low as 1.6 gallons per flush. If it is 7 gallons that is 12,775 gallons per year on flushes. At 67% that would eliminate 8,559 gallons of water usage per year in your household. In North Texas the average rate for 1,000 gallons of water is $2.58 (each city varies). If you were to eliminate the 8,559 gallons of water, that would come out to roughly $21 per year in savings.

Although the financial benefit isn’t huge, the environmental and water conservation aspect of a dual flush toilet appeals to our Dallas customers.


Since the market of dual flush toilets is relatively new and because the market is growing, manufacturers are quickly designing attractive toilets to entice customers. They are also constantly researching comfort and making improvements to their overall design.

We offer a variety of dual flush toilets here in Dallas that are water-saving. If you are looking at different models, we recommend one with a two button system. One button for a lighter flush and another button for a full flush. This eliminates a mis-flush that can happen with the push/pull dual flush toilet systems.

The only drawback to a dual flush toilet is the plumbing. The requirements for a dual flush system are a little more involved and over the head of your average DIY enthusiast.

For all your Dallas dual flush toilet installations and repairs, contact us today. We offer a full range of plumbing services and can help you navigate the best dual flush toilet for your home or any other plumbing need in your home. Call us today at 972-681-4434!