Gas Leak Repair

Dallas Gas Line Repair & Installation

We offer gas leak detection services in Dallas. Our gas line repair and installation services will make sure you and your loved ones are protected! Gas leak repair is not something you can wait on. A gas leak is potentially dangerous and needs to be resolved quickly. A licensed plumber is required to handle repairs that could affect your family’s health. It is important that gas work is done by a qualified professional plumbing contractor.

Do not put off immediate action if you need gas leak detection services for your Dallas home. Gas line repair and installation is our forte! If you smell gas inside your home always take immediate action by calling 911 or your local fire department.  Natural gas and propane are dangerous flammable gasses.  You need to have the gas turned off immediately.  As you leave your home or business do not use any electrical equipment or mobile devices.  Do NOT flip any light switches, use a computer or a cell phone, evacuate immediately and leave the door open behind you to let the gas escape.

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Does your home have natural gas lines?

Is natural gas line testing something your home needs? Total Plumbing can help. We test natural gas lines and repair natural gas lines.

Natural gas is very common in homes around Texas. Since natural gas is more common, the risk of natural gas exposure increases. We’ve seen recently several natural gas related explosions in the Dallas area. In addition to local natural gas related explosions, there have been several across the nation in the recent months.

Natural Gas Leaks

Total Plumbing also provides natural gas leak detection services in Dallas. It is very important that you have your natural gas lines tested to make sure they are functioning properly. Natural gas line leaks can be incredibly dangerous for a few reasons. One leak can cause carbon monoxide poisoning or worse an explosion. If you have a leak or odor in your home, you need a gas line repair.

Natural Gas Line Explosions

When natural gas builds up in a confined area, it becomes very volatile. A gas build up has the potential to explode or make people in the area sick. Gas leaks can help be prevented by regular gas line inspections. If you think you smell a natural gas leak, do not try to locate the leak yourself. Do not turn on or off any electrical devices. Do not smoke or use any open flames. Leave the house and call a professional to inspect your natural gas lines for leaks.

Total Plumbing has extensive experience in gas line repair and installation services in Dallas. We handle everything from gas lines, fittings, gas valves, and natural gas leak detection.

Natural gas is commonly used in Texas and should always be taken seriously if you suspect a leak. Having your gas line repaired can prevent a fatal incident. Natural gas can cause problems to the immune system and other bodily functions. If you think you may have a leak, you should have your gas line repaired promptly.

One of the major concerns of a gas leak is asphyxiation. This is a condition where the body is not getting the appropriate amount of oxygen supply. This can lead to loss of consciousness, brain damage, or death. Asphyxiation is one of the main reasons to fix your gas line if it is in need of repair.

Natural gas is great to have in your home. We can also run a gas line or move a gas line. For example, maybe you are remodeling your kitchen and you need to move your gas stove to a different location. We can come out and move your gas line and ensure it is done properly.

Another situation might be adding an outdoor gas line for your grill. We like to grill in Texas, so many of our clients have had us put in a gas line outside by the grill, so that they can connect their gas grill to the gas line. No need for a propane tank after this is installed.

Gas line repair and gas line installation should not be taken lightly. If done wrong, serious health problems can occur.

If you think you have a natural gas leak or have not had your lines inspected in several years, give Total Plumbing a call. We can test the pressure of your natural gas lines as well as test for any leaks. We also install new natural gas lines and help create a safe environment for them to function in.

Did you know Total Plumbing can repair your natural gas line?

Natural gas is a colorless, odorless gas. Mercaptan is added to it so that when there is a leak you smell it.

Total Plumbing offers more than just gas leak detection services in Dallas; we can assist in adding a new natural gas line, repairing a natural gas line or moving a natural gas line. A popular use for natural gas is an outdoor grill. If your location already has natural gas run to the house, we can add an outside connection for use with a gas grill. We can also provide services for adding in a gas stove. Again, your house has to have natural gas run already, but we can either connect or add the lines needed to connect a gas stove in your kitchen.

Repairing Natural Gas Lines

Natural gas lines are very serious and shouldn’t be repaired by just anyone. You should hire a licensed plumber that has experience with natural gas to repair your gas line. There are many DIY gas line repair articles out on the internet, but gas is a very serious form of energy that can cause fire and even explosions. For the safety of your family and your neighbors, please use a licensed Dallas plumber for your natural gas line repair services.

What to do if you Suspect a Natural Gas Leak

If you think you smell a natural gas leak you should do the following:

  • Call Atmos
  • Call a licensed Plumber
  • Do not turn on any electrical appliances
  • Do not smoke or light a flame of any sort
  • Evacuate the area

All of our plumbers have extensive experience with natural gas line repair. Contact us for all your natural gas needs at 972-681-4434.

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