Toilet Repair

Running toilets, stopped up drains, or valves leaking in your Dallas home are a big inconvenience that can be avoided with proper maintenance.  If your toilet is running (water leaking from the tank down into the bowl) you could be wasting up to 6000 gallons of water each month which will raise your water and sewer bill.  Repair of these issues is a snap for our experienced technicians at Total Plumbing.  Our Dallas toilet repair and replacement professionals only use the highest quality parts available to provide you with confidence in our repair and a rock solid 1 year warranty. 

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Services Offered:

  • Toilet Replacement
  • Toilet Repair
  • Running Toilet
  • Stopped Up Toilet
  • Bathroom Faucet Replacement
  • Bathroom Faucet Repair

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Two weeks ago, I was informed by my landscaper that my front yard was flooded. I called my regular plumber and unfortunately, he had hurt his back and was not working. So, I started going through all the plumbers who were recommended on Next Door and my friends. The only one available to come that day was Classic Plumbing (I wish I had shut off my water and waited). They sent a newbie whose first reaction was to start digging my front yard in an attempt to find the main line. After couple of hours of digging and not finding it, I pointed him to look behind the hedge in the box and see if that gave him a clue, which of course it did. Five more hours of digging and having to get his boss over the next day, he supposedly fixed the outside leak for over 1000.00. Then he said there was a leak, water coming from under the house which they would have to dig under, which they would do starting at 4000.00, and after 4 feet, every extra foot would be 500.00 more. I told him I had to get second opinions to make sure this was fair. He said his boss/John would call me later to discuss it. I called Robert, my regular plumber who said it was very high and encouraged me to call others. Total Plumbing was the only one who had someone able to come the next day to find the inside leak. The night after my front yard flooded again. Come to find out the Classic guy not only didn’t fix the leak the work he did had caused two more leaks on the outside (later John said if I had called them, they would have fixed it, however, until I was able to get another plumber in to do the work, I wouldn’t have known it was the damage their person had caused). Total plumbing came the next day, find the leak quickly, using their detection instrument which cost 300.00. They told me they could drill from outside to get to the inside leak and gave me the estimate of 1750.00. However, I had to wait several days, which because of continued outside leak I had to shut off my water. The next Tuesday, they were there on time, in one day they not only fixed my inside leak. They also fixed the outside leak caused by the other plumber tech and did not charge me any extra, just the initial estimate of 1750.00. Folks, I can’t say enough about the Total Plumbing people (Joe, Tim and I think James and Marco). They were caring, professional and easy to talk with. They answered the phone every time I called them half panicked (think about six times). They are absolutely the best people/plumbers, I have ever dealt with! Sorry for the length, but I hope this will help anyone who is looking for a descent and honest plumber! They will be the only ones I will call for my Plumbing issues!

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