Three Ways to Freshen Up Your Home’s Plumbing Before Spring


Spring and summer are just around the corner, and that means it will finally warm up again in North Texas. Once it gets a bit warmer, you won’t have to worry any more about sudden freezes damaging your pipes. Plumbing maintenance, however, is a year-round job. In the spring and summer, you actually use more water than other seasons in order to stay hydrated, to water plants, and to enjoy summer activities.

Plumbing upkeep changes with the seasons, and during the warmer parts of the year, it’s important to ensure that your plumbing is running efficiently while keeping the water you drink and use safe. By maintaining your plumbing system, you can actually save money on long term repairs. It also helps to keep your water usage in mind so that you can cut down on excess use where you’re able to. Before spring even rolls around, you should create a plan in the upcoming months that incorporates the following three ways to freshen up your home’s plumbing.


  1. Check your pipes for any leaks

After you’ve experienced a harsh winter or really any freezes at all, you should check your pipes and walls for signs of leaks. If you see any of the following signs, you should call Total Plumbing immediately for a prompt repair job before it escalates:

  • Water pooling on the floor near your walls
  • Water marks on the walls or ceiling
  • Mold in and around your walls
  • Increases in your water bill

Sudden spikes in your water bill that don’t have any reasonable explanation could mean that you have a rogue leak somewhere in your home. Finding the source of leaks on your own can sometimes be a difficult task, but you can always call Total Plumbing for our leak detection services to locate the source.


  1. Servicing appliances

If your appliances that frequently use water haven’t been serviced in a while, you should have them serviced now to ensure that they run efficiently during the spring and summer months. Your water heater will definitely need to be flushed if it wasn’t during the winter season, for example. Mineral deposits can build up at the bottom of water heaters, which can affect the quality of the water that is distributed through faucets and large water-using appliances.


  1. Outdoor maintenance

The warm seasons can be the most important time to look out for your outdoor plumbing. When landscaping in your yard, it might be a good idea to have the outline of your plumbing system marked. For older homes, you should pay attention to the trees growing in your yard and make sure their roots will not interfere with your pipes.

You should also check your hose and spigots to make sure there aren’t any leaks caused by freezing weather. If you turned off your outdoor plumbing for the winter, you can turn it back on when temperatures remain in the high 50’s or warmer.

Leaves from the North Texas fall and winter will probably have cluttered your gutters, so you should work this into your spring plan when freshening up your plumbing if you haven’t already. Crowded gutters could cause water to drain improperly around your house, which could cause overflow damage to your home.

Preventative maintenance is crucial for plumbing, especially when some plumbing issues remain hidden until they’ve caused catastrophic damage. For any help with refreshing your plumbing this spring, call Total Plumbing and our professional plumbers will be there in no time.

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