Here are the Plumbing Projects Best Left to the Pros

DIY Plumbing

While DIYing it can be great, it’s not always the best choice! If you’re dealing with one of these 5 problems, it’s time to call a plumber.

We understand the satisfaction and fulfillment of a good DIY project around the house, whether you’re building a fence or laying down flooring. We’re also big fans at Total Plumbing of finding ways to fix small plumbing problems yourself, like learning how to clear disposal clogs or fixing a leaky faucet.

However, plumbing projects can become major problems quickly. While learning plumbing tips and tricks is a great skill for any homeowner or renter to have, some plumbing issues need to be left to the professional plumbers. From sewage smells to dirt in your drains, here are some plumbing concerns that mean it’s time to call Total Plumbing:

  1. Anything that smells like sewage? Leave it to the plumber

A key sign that it’s time to call the plumber is if you’re noticing any kind of smell that reminds you of raw sewage. A sewage scent is an indication that there may be a big issue around your home, whether a pipe has cracked or a vent has broken. Cracked pipes aren’t something that you want to wait to fix, since they can cause some serious problems with everything from your foundation to your water quality. Stinky sewage issues probably aren’t something you want to be dealing with, either! Instead, call in a professional plumbing technician who knows what they’re doing.

On another note, that sulfur-y smell can also be confused with natural gas. If you have any inkling that you’re smelling gas, call your utility company ASAP.

  1. Is your water coming out colored? Leave it to the plumber

Did you turn on your water faucet only to see orange, red or even blue water coming out of your pipes? Colored water is a major sign that your pipes are rusty or close to giving out, and it’s a surefire tip that you need a plumber ASAP. Red or orange water hints towards rusty pipes, as does blue water. However, blue water signifies rust coming in from copper pipes, and that can cause some pretty big health issues. Either way, it might be time for some new pipes.

  1. Do you smell mold or mildew? Leave it to the plumber

There are many signs that you have a leak, and smelling mold or mildew is a significant one. Leaks can be a huge issue, causing everything from rotting drywall to structural damage. It’s always helpful to look for a leak, but you should still call a plumber even if you can’t find visible physical proof of a leak. If you’re not smelling mold or mildew, some other signs of a leak may include seeing water on the floor or noticing higher than normal water bills. Leaks can cause major problems the longer they’re left alone, which is why a plumber should be brought in at the first sign.

  1. Are you having serious toilet clog issues? Leave it to the plumber

Some toilet clog issues can be fixed with a quick toilet plunge or YouTube tutorial, and they can often be an easy fix for even the most novice of home plumbers. However, if the plunger isn’t working or the toilet is overflowing, you probably need to call a plumber. Plumbers are trained and skilled when it comes to fixing toilet problems quickly, and calling one is the easiest way to ensure that you’re not left at home without a bathroom.

  1. Are things coming out of your drain? Leave it to the plumber

Is dirt or debris coming out of your drain when you turn on the shower or sink? Seeing debris in the drain is a sign that you may have some serious problems at hand, from blockages caused by leaves, sticks, or mud to a pipe that has been cracked by tree roots growing over them. You don’t want to dig into the ground to start attempting to address issues and risk hitting a gas line or breaking something.  It’s best to leave anything related to major outdoor issues to a plumber, as they’re the most qualified to handle the issue quickly and efficiently. 

There’s nothing more important than finding a plumbing team that you can trust, which is where Total Plumbing comes in. We’re highly trained and qualified, and we’re the best choice to help you with any major (or minor!) plumbing issues that you’re looking at in the greater Dallas area.

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