How To Get Hot Water More Quickly

Do you need hot water faster in your home? Do you waste time and water waiting for it to heat up? Total Plumbing can help you solve those issues. We can evaluate your home, recommend and install the appropriate water pump for your needs.

Did you know the average family of 4 wastes 14,000 gallons of water a year waiting on hot water. If you were to install a water pump, how much water could you save? 91 hours a year are spend waiting on hot water per household….what could you do with that time?

Hot Water Pump Benefits

  • Comfort – Stable hot water temperature at the tap
  • Convenience – Instant hot water access when needed
  • Conservation – Saves processed water
  • Cost – Metered water
  • Compliance – Meets code requirements

What does a Water Pump do?

A water pump ensures the delivery of hot water and saves you money.

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We serve Garland, Plano, Rockwall, Mesquite, Forney, Dallas and other surrounding DFW areas.

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