Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are a problem that most home or business owners will eventually face.  If any of your fixtures are draining slow or simply not draining at all, you are experiencing a sewer line blockage in your Dallas home.  These blockages are usually caused by grease buildup from food or other organic materials in the sewer line. This buildup can trap paper, solids or hair to further slow the flow of water. If you notice any drainage issues, call our Dallas sewer line repair experts today before it becomes a larger problem.

clogged drain pipe

Sewer Repair

Sewer Repair

Repairing of sewer lines under the slab or in the yard of homes has become common practice for us here at Total Plumbing. Our courteous and polite technicians will perform your Dallas sewer line repairs quickly using only the highest grade materials available to ensure these repairs last for years, even under the harshest conditions.

Sewer Camera

Sewer cameras give a qualified technician an amazing look at the condition of your sewer system and what’s causing those clogged drains.  This technology allows us to view the inside of the pipe and detect any problems you may have.  If a problem is detected, we can locate the exact position of the camera head to identify the exact location and depth of the problem.  Once our Dallas sewer line repair professionals have this valuable information, we can determine the proper approach to repair your specific issue.

Sewer Camera

Sewer Replacement

Sewer Replacement

Sometimes your Dallas home’s clogged drains could be more than just build-up in your pipes. Old steel or clay tile pipes will deteriorate and break with age.  When your sewer lines reach the end of their workable lifespan, it’s time to replace the entire sewer line.  All sewer line replacements installed by Total Plumbing will be schedule 40 PVC pipe.  This is the absolute best material available on the market for your new sewer line.  Most sewer lines we replace are hand dug to prevent damage to landscaping and sprinkler systems.  We can saw cut across driveways, tunnel under sidewalks, and work around landscape or pool decking.  Whatever is needed to install your new sewer line with minimal damage to your home or business.

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